Monika’s Story – Overcoming the MS Challenge

Monika’s Story – Overcoming the MS Challenge


Hi. This is Monika Serwa.

As you already may know if you browsed through my pages on this website or know me personally I have been involved in healthy eating and living since circa 2009. I have written a few short Raw Vegan Recipe Books.  I have had taught Raw Vegan Food Prep Classes and I also ran Raw Vegan Potlucks for years & Catered Raw Vegan Dinners. 

During that time I have accumulated much knowledge on Nutrition, Digestion, Recipe Adaptations, Lifestyle and Implementation Systems that have allowed me to make improvements in my own life.

You see, I was not always healthy and able to do all the great things I can do these days. In summer of 2008 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Let me give you more details chronologically.

In 2006, few months after my first child was born when I was still in my early 30’s, I started experiencing slight but strange neurological symptoms. Doctors thought it was stress, that’s all. Then I got pregnant with my second child and while I was pregnant the symptoms went away briefly but they came back with much more severity and variety a few months after my son’s birth. 

One day after a meal I became really ill. 

Over the course of a few days my symptoms included tingling in my arms and legs, intermittent loss or coordination and strength in the right part of my body. I was unable to eat, I was extremely nauseous and lost all my sense of taste with the exception of salty. I lost about 80% of my hearing in my right ear. I was also not able to support my own body when walking if I had to. My eyes were practically dancing against my will and I was unable to focus. My head felt like lead and the world spinned when I laid my head down. Half of my face muscles were almost completely paralyzed. It felt like I was under a very very heavy dose of some kind of tranquilizer. There were many more weird symptoms I have already probably forgotten. All the while I was still nursing my baby and taking care of both kids and the house and with some help from my husband (who could not take time off) and his mom I survived these absolutely horrid 10 or so days.

There I was, with 2 kids under the age of 3, instead of being a great lively mom enjoying my cute little toddler and baby – I was falling apart physically and mentally. What was wrong with me??  Was it a brain tumour?? Was I going to die??

While I was living through all of this, I have obviously fallen prey to some crazy deep Depression and Anxiety. I managed to find help online in the form of a NLP & Coaching Program that cost at the time less than US $300. I purchased the program and did all my exercises religiously and in about 3 months. And as my body healed, so did my heart and my mind. 

My recovery was slow. At first I had no strength and no appetite. I was not able to drive until my eye sight normalized. Many doctor visits and tests and I was finally given a date for my MRI scan.

The MRI scan took place on the early morning of my daughters’s 3rd birthday party. The results were ready in August. Thank God to my recovery from Depression & Anxiety I was able to receive the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and walk out of the office without falling apart from hearing this news.

You see, way before this diagnosis I have already made the choice that I would be happy, healthy and resourceful when I was facing any challenge. I knew that if I could pull myself out of the deepest depression and anxiety I have experienced then I was able to find answers to fix my life with this challenge as well.

I am very curious and I love to do research. That’s how I found that program that helped me with Depression and Anxiety. I just knew intuitively it HAD to do with how we live – namely: nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. 

So when I ‘discovered’ Raw Vegan Nutrition I was very intrigued. I did much research again, why – because I need to know. The evidence was empirical science and anecdotal testimonials and so over all radical and common sense at the same time it was really a no brainer for me.

I credit this highly nutritious Raw Vegan Lifestyle choice with hugely augmenting and improving my health and preventing any more bouts of Depression or Anxiety like I have experienced.

Now that I have the tools and the knowledge I KNOW what I would do if I ever got sick again.

I don’t live in fear of the next dis-ease that I may ‘catch’. Almost 10 years after this ordeal I have not had a single MS symptom come back. I live as I choose. I am able to take care of my family. I have started and am running 2 businesses. I’m in my 40’s now and life ain’t slowing down for me. Quite the opposite is true. Life is busy and fun!

I am not a victim with MS. I am a woman that overcame the MS challenge. Now, I should clarify that I don’t think I won any battles or such. I don’t fight anything. I use my challenge to learn and grow and never make it my enemy. I work with it and through it.

To me, challenges are just like boulders in your path. Learn to climb them. It’s a great view from up there – trust me. You are bigger than any challenge you face. Don’t waste your pain – use it as your leverage.

If I had not had MS, Depression and Anxiety challenges on my life I might not have learned SO much about healthy living and healthy mindset. Thank God I did! 

I can now be there for you or someone you love should you choose that my story might help you in some way. I’m here to inside you and to take charge of your health and your life.

To life! Cheers!

And thank you for being my audience.

Monika Serwa,

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