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At Growing Fresh we make Healthy Living Easy for you.

Whether it’s by providing you with my Raw Vegan Snacks and Treats currently, or in the past Raw Vegan Potlucks, Raw Vegan Catered Dinner or my Recipe Books or Coaching or Classes.

We like to inspire everyone to take ‘little baby steps’ towards healthier living and watch their lives transform. And since inspiration is very contagious it warms our hearts to know our little ‘seeds’ keep growing even bigger and farther – thanks to you.

So thank you!


Monika Serwa, Founder of Growing Fresh

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My name is Monika Serwa.

I am married to a wonderful husband & I am a mother of two real fun kids. We love going camping a lot and fruit picking in summer time.  We are all about healthy living, organic foods, fresh air and having fun.

In the past I have been organizing and facilitating many Raw Vegan Potlucks and I also have catered many Catered Raw Vegan Dinners. All were well attended and a success.

And since my background is in graphic design and photography I have also created Raw Vegan Delight Recipe Books and Raw Vegan Recipe Calendars which are available in print at my Farmers Markets and in pdf e-book on BLURB.

Recently I have been producing my Raw Vegan Snacks and Treats and selling those at the local Farmers Markets all throughout the summer of 2015 until the middle of October. After my summer markets I was very busy with my Christmas Markets till December 22nd.

Now I am gearing up for another season 2016. Please check out my Blog posts for upcoming market dates and events. I already have a 3 days booked for a Trade Show in March at the Fraser Valley Womens Expo in Chilliwack and a one day Spring Market at Crafty Affaire in South Surrey. Both very popular events. Please visit their website for more details.

Summer Farmers Markets and Christmas Markets are being lined up slowly and more information will be posted soon.



I also have a professional background in photography and graphic design.

• My professional website and portfolio can be found here www.monikaserwa.com

• My Raw in Abbotsford Meetup Events is:  Raw in Abbotsford Facebook


 Some of my family photos:





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