1 x ‘Über Beer Snack’ – Crunchy Coconut & Seed Clusters $8.00 EACH – 150 g *STORE AT ROOM TEMP.


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Growing Fresh Über Beer Snack Package Front
Growing Fresh Über Beer Snack Package Front
Growing Fresh ‘Über Beer Snack’ Product Info

Our Growing Fresh TM ‘Über Beer Snack’ is a Savoury, Spicy, Crunchy mix of Coconut Chips, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds.
Naturally sweetened with whole un-sulphured raisins and coconut nectar sugar only. No other sweetener was used in this product. Our ‘Über Beer Snack’ is made from 100% plant based and over 95% certified organic whole food ingredients.
Enjoy with Beer or as a Salad Topper.

Great for moms, dads, and game and beer enthusiasts.

Our ‘Über Beer Snack’ Crunches are dehydrated at low temperatures (115 F) to preserve the nutritional content of raw ingredients

• Enjoy these for a quick energy bite or serve as a dessert after a wholesome meal.

> Ingredients (Contains 98% Certified Organic Ingredients):

Coconut Flakes*† (Un-Sweetened), Pumpkin Seeds*§, Sunflower Seeds*§, Coconut Palm Nectar Sugar*, Raisins
(with Sunflower Oil) *†, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Wheat-Free Tamari (Water, Soybeans, Sea Salt, Alcohol, Fermented Soybean Koji Culture)*, Sundried Tomatoes*, Garlic*, Cumin Powder*, Chipotle Powder, Cayenne Powder*, Salt.

* Indicates Certified Organic.
† Indicates Un-sulphured
§ Indicates: Sprouted.

Contains: Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut.
May Contain: Tree Nuts & Other Seeds

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