6 X ‘ChocoRoons’ – Energy Bites. 6 PER CASE – 195 g EACH * REFRIGERATE


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Growing Fresh ChocoRoons
Growing Fresh ChocoRoons Product Features
Growing Fresh Choco-Roons Package Front
Growing Fresh Choco-Roons Package Front
Growing Fresh Choco-Roons - Product Info
Growing Fresh Choco-Roons – Product Info

Our Choco-Roons aka Chocolate Macaroons are soft in texture and mellow in flavour and are based on a recipe for a very healthy clean energy bar.

Gently and naturally sweetened with whole un-sulphured fruit and fresh fruit juice only. No other sweetener was used in this product. Our Macaroons are made from 100% plant based and over 95% certified organic whole food ingredients.
Enjoy the flavours of Cardamom, Orange Zest and Cacao.

Our ChocoRoons are dehydrated at low temperatures (115 F) to preserve the nutritional content and living foods enzymes of raw ingredients

• Enjoy these for a quick energy bite or serve as a dessert after a wholesome meal.

> Ingredients (Contains 100 % Certified Organic Ingredients):

Shredded Coconut*† (Un-Sweetened), Orange Juice*, Raisins (with Sunflower Oil)*†, Almonds*§, Medjool Dates*†, Non-Fermented Cacao Powder*, Chia Seeds*§, Goji Berries*†, Orange Zest*, Cardamon*, Salt.

* Indicates: Certified Organic.
† Indicates: Un-sulphured
§ Indicates: Sprouted.
Contains: Almonds, Coconut.
May Contain: Other Tree Nuts & Other Seeds


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