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I would love to chat with you and discuss how I can help you in your journey to healthier eating and life style. I will devote an entire hour just to you so we can assess your needs and goals. I would love to help you!

• I have been Vegan for 8 years now
• I have implemented Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free into my family’s eating
• I have taught classes or Raw Vegan Foods & Fermented Foods
• I have catered many Ethnic Themes Dinners, all Raw Vegan Foods
• I have single handedly created Growing Fresh – Raw Vegan Foods and Lifestyle
• I have written many Raw Vegan Recipe Books available in print and e-book format
• I  have created an Organic Produce Buying Club and ran this for over 2 years

Over the years I have been very resourceful and resilient against many roadblocks and challenges. I offer you advice and hands on training from my full on life experience in plant based nutrition and lifestyle.

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