Garlic Spears Pesto

Garlic Spears Pesto with Zucchini Pasta & Parmesan
Preparation Design Photography by Monika Serwa.


Garlic Spears Pesto with Zucchini Pasta & Parmesan  Serves 4-6 

1/4 C Fresh Lemon Juice

1/2 C Garlic Spears (flower heads from garlic plant) chopped

or 6 Garlic Cloves, chopped

1/2 C Olive Oil

1 C Walnuts or Pine Nuts, soaked 4 hrs, rinsed, drained

Soft Medjool Dates, pitted

1 C Packed Spinach

1 C Packed Basil Leaves

2-3 Yellow or Green Zucchinis, peeled or spiralized (Spirooli)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Garnish: Grape Tomatoes, Basil Leaves, Pepper, Hemp Seeds


First, mix zucchini noodles with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil, let sit for 10 min.

Drain juice well before adding the pesto. Meanwhile make the pesto.

Add the first 3 pesto ingredients to a blender and blend well. Add nuts and dates and blend again till mixed. Then add spinach and basil and blend well until a smooth consistency is reached. Pour over Zucchini Pasta, toss well. Garnish with Halved Grape Tomatoes, Basil Leaves, Raw Parmesan.

Raw Parmesan

2 C Walnuts

2-3 T Nutritional Yeast

2 t Sea Salt

Add all to food processor, process till crumbly. Serve with Lasagna, Pasta or Pizza.


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