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Growing Fresh Raw Vegan Products



YES to NO Artificial Sweeteners (Only fresh fruit, dried fruit and coconut sugar used)
YES to NON GMO Ingredients (Over 98% -100 % Certified Organic, some of the spices used are conventional. Currently NO Spices are being grown from GMO plants)
YES to Raw Ingredients (All products)
YES to Sprouted Ingredients  (All products)
to Raw Vegan Products – Raw Food Production Methods were used
YES to Vegan Products – No Animal Ingredients (No eggs, dairy, honey, etc.)
to Free of Dairy Ingredients (for those who avoid Dairy)

NOT Certified ‘Gluten Free’ – Made in a Gluten Free Dedicated Facility
NOT ‘Nut Free’ – Products contain Tree Nuts and Seeds!!!
All Growing Fresh Products are made on the same equipment and in the same facility that processes NUTS & SEEDS.

> FYI: GMO plants in Canada: Sugar Beets, Canola, Soy and Corn
> FYI: GMO plants in USA: Sugar Beets, Canola, Soy and Corn, Cotton, Papaya, Yellow Crookneck Squash, Zucchini, Alfa Alfa, Potatoes, 1 Apple Variety




Q: How are your products healthy?

A: Our products are over 98 % Certified Organic and 100 % Plant Based. Our snacks are dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and living enzymes in food.  For our recipes the nuts and seeds are sprouted to make them more nutritious and more digestible. We don’t use any unhealthy sweeteners (no white beet sugar, no cane sugar, no syrups, no fake sugars like Aspartame etc). To sweeten our products we use dried fruit, fresh fruit, and a small amount of coconut palm nectar sugar just to add more crunch in case of Granolas. Coconut palm nectar sugar made from the nectar of the coconut palm flower.

• Certified Organic Ingredients = Less Toxins = Good for You & Good for Mother Earth
• No GMO’s = REALLY GOOD You & Good for Mother Earth
• 100 % Plant Based Ingredients = Ecologically Sustainable, Economical, High in Fibre, Nutrient Dense = Good for You & Good for Mother Earth
• Sprouted & Unheated above 120 F = More Nutritious, More Natural, full of Living Food Enzymes = Healthier Bodies
• Sweetened with Whole Fruit  = High in Fibre, Lower Glycemic Index = Healthy Blood Sugar

Q: Are your products organic?

A: Growing Fresh products are made with over 98-100 % Certified Organic in content. Only some of the spices are not organic but the all base ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, coconut palm nectar sugar, Tamari Sauce are all certified organic. The recipes make about 3-5 kgs or 6.6 to 11 lbs per batch, the conventional spices comprise only a 10-25 grams or less than 5 teaspoons per recipe batch. It is a minimal percentage amount.

Q: Are your products GMO free?

A: Growing Fresh products are over 98-100 % Certified Organic. Certified Organic products are grown or made using NON GMO Certified Organic Ingredients.

Q: Are you products Raw?

A: Growing Fresh products are processed using Raw Food Preparation methods. Almost all the ingredients are considered raw (un-cooked pr un-heated above 115 F) except for Tamari Sauce and Coconut Palm Nectar Sugar. The nuts and seeds are sprouted (soaked a minimum of 8 hrs) for the all recipes. All recipes are then dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and live enzymes.

Q: Are you products Vegan?

A: Yes. All  my products are prepared using only 100 % Plant Based ingredients.

Q: Are you local?

A: Yes, all Growing Fresh products all are hand made in Abbotsford BC from domestic and imported ingredients.

Q: Are you Dairy free?

A. There are no Dairy ingredients in any of the Growing Fresh product recipes. There are no dairy ingredients in the facility or on the equipment I use.

Q: Are your products Gluten free?

A. Growing Fresh are made in a Gluten Free designated facility using naturally gluten-free ingredients and equipment that is not used for gluten containing recipes . However, my products are not Certified Gluten Free by a certifying authority. For example there are no Oats or other grains used. There are no gluten ingredients processed in the same facility. My products are not certified safe for Celiacs. However, if you are merely avoiding gluten products because of gluten sensitivity then I can tell you there are no gluten ingredients used in my products.

Q. Why are your products dehydrated instead of baked?

A. Baking temperatures are too high and unfortunately destroy nutrients and live food enzymes. Dehydrating at low temperatures preserves live food enzymes and nutrients. You are alive so eat as many live foods as possible for best health results.

Q: Are your products Nut free?

A: No, I can’t say that my that any of my products are nut free. Some products do not contain nuts but all products are made on the same equipment and contamination is possible.

Q: If your products don’t contain oats in the Granolas – What are you using instead of oats?

A: I use sprouted Buckwheat seeds. These seeds are related to Rhubarb and have nothing to do with ‘wheat’. There’s no relation between the 2 plant species. Buckwheat seeds are naturally Gluten free.

Q: What do you use to sweeten your products?

A: Granolas are sweetened with dried fruit, fresh fruit juice and Coconut Palm Nectar Sugar made from the nectar of the Coconut Palm Flower. ChocoRoons are sweetened only with dried fruit and fresh fruit juice. Flax Crax have no sweet ingredients. Über Beer Snack secret spicy sauce is balanced with raisins and coconut sugar.

Q: What do you mean by ‘sprouted nuts and seeds’?

A: I sprout the nuts and seeds by soaking them in water placed in the refrigerator overnight or for 8 hrs. After soaking, I rinse and drain them well and they are ready to use in my recipes. Soaking helps to start the germination aka sprouting process. The nuts and seeds loose some of the enzyme inhibitors that may compromise digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Q: Are your products home made or made in a commercial facility?

A: Our products are now made in a commercial kitchen. This facility has been inspected and approved by a local Environmental Health authority.

Q: Do you sell these products RETAIL?

A: YES! We are selling to 14 retailers at this point. Please check out my POSTS to find a location near you. We do also SELL ONLINE HERE.